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If you have kids (or are a big kid yourself), you're guaranteed to find something here you'll like.  I've compiled some of the coolest links on the web.  With two small children of my own, I understand how important it is to have safe sites for them to visit.  Should any of these links have changed since I posted them, please drop some email to me, and I'll update the page.

Of course I haven't found all of the wonderful pages out on the internet.  I'd love to include those that you and your family enjoy.  Send the URL to me, and I'll check it out.  I hope you enjoy your stay...


Cartoons - if you're looking for Blue's Clues, Sesame Street, Muppets, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and all the rest, you'll find links to them here.

Fun & Games - want to go on a treasure hunt?  Looking for someone to chat with about basketball?  Would you like to play a game?  I've got links to all the cool pages!

CyberPets - come check out my adopted CyberPets.  They're lots of fun, and would love to meet you.

Animals - this page is dedicated to my love of animals.  I have pictures of some of my favorite ones, and a little information on them, too.

Name that tune - this page has links to places where you can test your musical knowledge.

Sports - ok sports buffs, here are all the links you'll ever need!

Online games - if you're looking for some friendly competition, check out these links.

Trivia contests - some of the best trivia on the Net can be found on these pages.

games interactive online animals trivia kids children youth name that tune cartoons nickelodeon sports kids safe cartoons sports games interactive online animals trivia kids children youth cartoons nickelodeon children

This site will always expand with your contribution of links and suggestions.  Please do not hesitate to email with your thoughts.

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